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Chapters 9 and 10 Due May 24

1. What is Boxer’s ambition after the Battle of the Windmill?

2. How do the animals’ lives become harder after the windmill is blown up?

3. How does Squealer convince them that their lives are

4. What is a “Spontaneous Demonstration”?

5. What new information does Squealer reveal about Snowball?

6. What purpose does Moses the raven’s return to the farm serve?

7. How do the pigs react to Moses’ return?

8. What happens to Boxer?

9. How does Squealer explain the events surrounding Boxer’s removal from the farm and his death?

10. What happens to Mr. Jones?

11. How does the farm prosper in the years after Boxer’s death?

12. What kind of work do the pigs do on the now-prosperous farm?

13. What is the new slogan learned by the sheep and why?

14. What happens to the Seven Commandments?

15. What modern conveniences do the pigs enjoy after they learn to walk on two legs?

16. What observations has Mr. Pilkington made on his tour of Animal Farm?

17. What changes does Napoleon announce at his meeting with the humans?

18. What causes the fight between Napoleon and Pilkington?

Chapters 7 and 8 Due May 17

1. How do the animals plan to prevent the second windmill from being destroyed?

2. Besides the work on the windmill, what other hardships do the animals have to face in Chapter VII?

3. How does Napoleon hope to prevent the outside world from finding out about the food shortages on Animal Farm?

4. What is the cause of concern among the chickens?

5. How do the hens react to Napoleon’s news about the eggs?

6. How does Napoleon deal with the Mutiny of the Hens and what are the results?

7. Besides the destruction of the windmill, for what other things is Snowball blamed?

8. How does the Sixth Commandment change?

9. What are the titles invented for Napoleon?

10. What happens when Minimus composes the poem “Comrade Napoleon”?

11. What other confessions are made by animals in this chapter and what are the results?

12. What is the latest information Squealer reveals to the animals about Snowball?

13. What does Napoleon do with the woodpile?

14. How does Frederick cheat Napoleon?

15. What happens in the Battle of the Windmill?

16. Why does Squealer tell the animals that Napoleon is dying?

17. How is the Fifth Commandment changed?

Chapters 5 and 6 Due May 10

1. Why does Clover confront Mollie?

2. What happens to Mollie?

3. How does Napoleon use the sheep’s bleating of “Four legs good, two legs bad” to his advantage?

4. What does Snowball see for the animals as a result of building the windmill?

5. How does Napoleon show his disapproval of Snowball’s plans?

6. What is Benjamin’s opinion of the windmill?

7. What happens to Snowball?

8. What changes on Animal Farm does Napoleon announce to the animals?

9. How does Squealer explain these changes and Napoleon’s intent to build the windmill after all?

10. How does Squealer try to undermine Snowball?

11. How did the lives of the animals become more difficult in the beginning of Chapter VI?

12. How does Boxer deal with these new difficulties?

13. How do conditions on the farm under Napoleon’s leadership compare to when Jones was
the owner?

14. Who is Mr. Whymper and why does he come to the farm?

15. How does Squealer address the animals’ concerns about engaging in trade with the humans?

16. What change occurs to the living conditions of the pigs?

17. What happens to the Fourth Commandment?

18. How does Squealer answer their questions concerning the Fourth Commandment?

19. What happens to the windmill?

20. What does Napoleon say happened to the windmill, and what does he do?


Chapter 3 and 4 Due May 3

1. What is the result of the harvest after the Rebellion and why?

2. What part do the pigs play in the harvest?

3. What is Boxer’s personal motto?

4. What is the attitude of Mollie and the cat toward work on the farm?

5. What is Benjamin’s attitude after the rebellion?

6. What is Benjamin fond of saying and what does it mean?

7. What committees does Snowball organize on the farm?

8. What is the maxim that Snowball teaches the sheep?

9. How does Napoleon deal with “the education of the young”?

10. What happened to the milk taken from the cows, and how does Squealer explain this to the other animals?

11. How does Mr. Jones spend most of his time after he is kicked off his farm?

12. Who is Mr. Pilkington and how does Orwell describe him?

13. Who is Mr. Frederick and how does Orwell describe him?

14. What is the typical relationship between these two men?

15. How do Foxwood Farm and Pinchfield Farm compare?

16. How do the farmers try to discredit what is happening on Animal Farm?

17. What is the cause of the Battle of the Cowshed?

18. What is Snowball’s role in the battle?

19. What part does Boxer play in the battle?

20. What are the results of the Battle of the Cowshed?

Chapter 1 and 2 Due April 26

1. What is the setting for the story?

2. What four characteristics are noted about Boxer the horse?

3. What comment does Benjamin the donkey make that shows his cynicism and bad temper?

4. How does Clover help the other animals at the meeting?

5. What does Old Major say is the reason the animals have such miserable lives?

6. What is Major’s prediction about Boxer.

7. What decision is made concerning the status of wild creatures such as rats and rabbits?

8. What is the name of the song Old Major teaches the animals?

9. What are the main ideas expressed in Major’s speech?

10. What indications does Orwell give in this chapter that indicate the pigs may be superior to the other animals?

11. What happens to Old Major?

12. Who are Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer?

13. What qualities do they each possess?

14. What are some of the problems the pigs have to face in organizing the other farm animals?

15. Who is Moses and what role does he play on the farm?

16. What is Sugarcandy Mountain?

17. What is the immediate cause of the Rebellion?

18. What are the immediate results of the Rebellion?

19. What are the Seven Commandments?

20. What early indication does Orwell give to show that not all of the animals are treated equally?


Animal Farm

I will be posting questions for every chapter of Animal Farm.  You may submit your answers on paper or via email.  Please answers the questions in full sentences. Be vigilent about the due dates as your work on Animal Farm will count toward your Language Arts grade.512wIFdyamL

Spelling City


Each of you should have an account with  I have assigned you the Grade 8 Vocabulary lists (there are 10 total) to be completed before the end of the year. The results will be part of your Langauge Arts grade so be vigilent of due dates.

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