1. What is the result of the harvest after the Rebellion and why?

2. What part do the pigs play in the harvest?

3. What is Boxer’s personal motto?

4. What is the attitude of Mollie and the cat toward work on the farm?

5. What is Benjamin’s attitude after the rebellion?

6. What is Benjamin fond of saying and what does it mean?

7. What committees does Snowball organize on the farm?

8. What is the maxim that Snowball teaches the sheep?

9. How does Napoleon deal with “the education of the young”?

10. What happened to the milk taken from the cows, and how does Squealer explain this to the other animals?

11. How does Mr. Jones spend most of his time after he is kicked off his farm?

12. Who is Mr. Pilkington and how does Orwell describe him?

13. Who is Mr. Frederick and how does Orwell describe him?

14. What is the typical relationship between these two men?

15. How do Foxwood Farm and Pinchfield Farm compare?

16. How do the farmers try to discredit what is happening on Animal Farm?

17. What is the cause of the Battle of the Cowshed?

18. What is Snowball’s role in the battle?

19. What part does Boxer play in the battle?

20. What are the results of the Battle of the Cowshed?