1. How do the animals plan to prevent the second windmill from being destroyed?

2. Besides the work on the windmill, what other hardships do the animals have to face in Chapter VII?

3. How does Napoleon hope to prevent the outside world from finding out about the food shortages on Animal Farm?

4. What is the cause of concern among the chickens?

5. How do the hens react to Napoleon’s news about the eggs?

6. How does Napoleon deal with the Mutiny of the Hens and what are the results?

7. Besides the destruction of the windmill, for what other things is Snowball blamed?

8. How does the Sixth Commandment change?

9. What are the titles invented for Napoleon?

10. What happens when Minimus composes the poem “Comrade Napoleon”?

11. What other confessions are made by animals in this chapter and what are the results?

12. What is the latest information Squealer reveals to the animals about Snowball?

13. What does Napoleon do with the woodpile?

14. How does Frederick cheat Napoleon?

15. What happens in the Battle of the Windmill?

16. Why does Squealer tell the animals that Napoleon is dying?

17. How is the Fifth Commandment changed?