1. What is Boxer’s ambition after the Battle of the Windmill?

2. How do the animals’ lives become harder after the windmill is blown up?

3. How does Squealer convince them that their lives are

4. What is a “Spontaneous Demonstration”?

5. What new information does Squealer reveal about Snowball?

6. What purpose does Moses the raven’s return to the farm serve?

7. How do the pigs react to Moses’ return?

8. What happens to Boxer?

9. How does Squealer explain the events surrounding Boxer’s removal from the farm and his death?

10. What happens to Mr. Jones?

11. How does the farm prosper in the years after Boxer’s death?

12. What kind of work do the pigs do on the now-prosperous farm?

13. What is the new slogan learned by the sheep and why?

14. What happens to the Seven Commandments?

15. What modern conveniences do the pigs enjoy after they learn to walk on two legs?

16. What observations has Mr. Pilkington made on his tour of Animal Farm?

17. What changes does Napoleon announce at his meeting with the humans?

18. What causes the fight between Napoleon and Pilkington?